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Our OG Sauces

This Devilishly Delicious Mild Hot Sauce Is For Those That Can’t Handle The Heat.
While It Won’t Burn Your Tongue, It Will Dropkick It With Amazing Flavor!

Even Your Kids Will Like It!

The Goatee Is For Those That Enjoy Ridiculously Good Flavor, And Don’t Mind A Little Head-butt To The Tongue!

We Suggest Putting This On Anything And Everything!

Our Original Sauce That Started It All!
The Diabolical Heat And Intense Flavor Will Satisfy Any Hot Sauce Lover!

Perfect for chili, Sloppy Joe’s, Ramen, and eggs.

The New G Sauces

Eat till you’re full with this delicious Verde sauce! Guaranteed to excite your taste buds!

Great for tacos, burritos, or use tortilla chips and eat it straight out of the bottle!

The sweet, tart, hot, and smokey flavor will make your taste buds dance and singe!

Perfect as a marinade for pork chops, brisket, ribs, or put it on whatever wiggles your goat tail!

You think it’s all sweet, until the roller coaster kicks in and takes you on a wild ride through great flavor and ghastly heat!

Put it on anything that you can handle!

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